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A Boutique IB firm focused on Fundraising & Strategic Advisory


Bridging Smart Capital to Disruptive Ventures

We are a Boutique Investment Banking Firm based in Mumbai, India. We are a trusted advisor to Early-Stage Founders for their fundraise & ancillary services and support them throughout the process.


Our Clients

We enjoy strong and long term relationships with our clients. Followed by the initial success stories, we partner with them for further rounds of fundraise, industry connections & other services as and when required.


Our Focus Areas

We don’t advise, we partner.

We understand start-ups. We know that fundraising is complex and requires focused effort. Hence, we partner with a highly curated set of founders to hand hold them through the journey. From building the story to reaching out to the relevant set of investors to closure, we are here for you.


Our ability to provide deep understanding of the process and an extensive network across the ecosystem, uniquely positions us to take ownership of the fundraise.

Fundraising for Startups

A highly experienced team focused on providing quality strategic advice to support the growth of your company. Our strength lies in our ability to understand complex business situations and provide a roadmap backed by extensive research and numbers. We provide insights to enable the business owners take better decisions.    

Strategic Advisory


Key Investors

We have worked with some of the most reputed Institutional & Individual Investors who have invested in our portfolio companies. We share strong relationships with investors backed by our careful selection of fundraise mandates & support that we provide in exchanging information & maintaining healthy conversations.


Ecosystem Partners

Community Partner

Legal Partner

Pitchdeck Partner


Pepper Mehta


Akshi Mehta Goyal


Ankur Goyal

Our Founders.

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